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Past productions

Cora Cardona directed, and selected 

International Festival with a few  noted exceptions 

  • -WP- denotes World Premiere

  • -NP- denotes National Premiere

  • -ST- denotes State Premiere

2017-2018 Season


The Automobile Graveyard

by Fernando Arrabal -ST-  


April 13 -May 6, 2018


Theatre of the absurd

about immigration, and police

brutality,  love, and betrayal

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Captura de pantalla 2020-06-10 a la(s) 0

2016-2017 Season

The 18th International Theatre Festival -NP-

Dedicated to Eugenio Barba 

February 5-10, 2018


“The Rhythm of the Performance and the Actor’s Music”

Workshop by Frans Winther from Denmark.

February 5-7, 2018


The Legend of the Faun & The Journey -ST-

by Mai Rojas from Barcelona, Spain

February 8, 2018

A master piece of physical theatre.


Memoria -NP-

by Else Marie Laukvik, Eugenio Barba & Frans Winther

February 9 & 10, 2018

Directed by Eugenio Barba from Denmark's Odin Teatret.

About the horrors of Nazi Europe, a story to never forget.

An Evening With Two Giants -WP-

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the authors' births.

Anacleto Morones by Juan Rulfo 

The Best Mystery Story by Alfredo Cardona Peña



Luvina by Juan Rulfo

The Camellia by Alfredo Cardona Peña


September 15 - 16

The Siege of Numancia by Cervantes .JPG

The Invaders -NP-

by Egon Wolf 

A sarcastic story about couple from the other side

of the river who visits a wealthy family

April 21 - May 21



Ándale Raúl Escríbeme Un  Monólogo -NP-

by Tomás Urtúsastegui 

A black humor, sarcastic comedy about an independent artist  struggling to make a living

November 12, 2016


El Cerco de Numancia -NP-

by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra 

Honoring Cervantes 400th death anniversary

A visually rich experience of our past and present

October 15-November 5

Adapted & Directed by Cora Cardona

2015-2016 Season

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Feather and the Tempest -NP-

April 8th - May 1st, 2016

by Arístides Vargas 

The tale of a youth named Feather who, as the name suggests, floats without direction through the hostile world that He/ She will inherit.  Feather encounters all kinds of dangers, circumstances that very well could lead to a wrong turn, yet against all odds, this youngster struggles to survive and goes on fighting the storm that life offers. Feather is the “other,” completely misunderstood within a society molded by poverty and hopeless promises. Feather is ambiguously, at times male, other times female; a symbol of all youth, an idealist and a believer for change. This young individual encounters the challenge of "belonging."

The 17th International Festival -SP-

February 4th - 6th , 2016

In Collaboration with the Dallas Children's Theater 


Dallas - Pizzicato Porno by DGDG

Mexico - Snail & Hummingbird by Laboratorio de la Máscara & Idiotas Teatro

Tehuantepec, Oaxaca - Another Day Partying by Grupo Tehuantepec

San Francisco - Parting Memories by Violeta Luna

The Wake  -SP-

October 15 - November 1, 2015

by Tomás Urtusástegui


A play about a middle class family holding a wake at their mansion chain of resentments and family secrets are revealed to the mourners (audience) throughout the evening. A humorous, macabre socio political story by one of Mexico’s most prolific playwrights.

2014-2015 Season

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Captura de pantalla 2020-06-10 a la(s) 1

Poetry Dances - WP -

The Life and work of Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén. 

Nicolas Guillén's life & provocative poetry presented through "Poetry Dances" a program that gives voice to poets from around the world. Starring Kenny Gardner, J. R. Bradford, Jamila Marie, Dominique Edwards, Omar Padilla, Kweku Codringtong.


Adapted by Cora Cardona.

Translated by Álvaro Cardona-Hines.

Set Designed: George Mecca,

Lights designed: Jeff Hurst. WP

El Circo Que Llegó De Marte -WP-

A story by Alfredo Cardona Peña for children & adults in Spanish with English librettos.  


A moving, visual and poetic production! A story easy to follow. Witness martian acts & meet Argos the giant that reads minds!


Adapted by Cora Cardona

January 10 - February 15, 2015

Days of The Dead "Festival Of Death" 

October 17- November 02, 2014

Three One – Act Plays of Mystery and Horror


"Cocaine" by Pendleton King -SP-,

"The Ballad of Jane Elkins" by Anyika McMillan‐Herod -NP-,  

"The Strange Rider" by Michel de Ghelderode. -NP-


Directors: Phyllis Cicero, Cora Cardona, Bill Fountain

2013-2014 Season

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2012-2013 Season

The Masks of Sor Juana -NP-

April 17 - May 17, 2014

by Miguel Sabido in English.


About the life and work of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.


Starring: Olivia de Guzman Emile as Sor Juana, William Scobie (violinist), Scott Milligan, Nina Bernadina, Rebecca Ramírez, Madison Snodgrass, Omar Padilla, Orlando Rojas, Diana Gonzalez, Robert Moreno.


Translated by Cora Cardona.

16th International Festival

Februray, 13 -16, 2014

Dallas: Alejandro Pérez, Will Richey, Alia Mohamed, Jamal Mohamed, Ehsnar Matoori -WP-

Venezuela: Teatro Profesional de Lara "Pareja Abierta" by Dario Fo and Franca Rama

Mexico: Teatro Gótico "Renfield el Apóstol de Drácula" by  Roberto Coria Montier, Eduardo Ruiz Saviñón. Text by Vicente Quirarte -NP-

Days of The Dead "Santos A Wandering Soul" -WP-

by Victor Hugo Rascón Banda, Carlos Morton & additional writing by the ensemble 

The Young Ones" Contemporary dance piece by DGDG -WP-


Starring: Travis Stuebing, Robert Moreno, Marbella Barreto, Kasey Tackett, James Kille, Armando Monsivais.


Set Design: Nick Brethauer

Lights Design; Jeff Hurst

Costume Design: Michael Robins



2011-2012 Season

Days of The Dead "The Scar"

by Jorge Díaz from Chile, in English -NP-

"Elegant Ghost" WP Contemporary dance piece by DGDG -WP-


Homage to Federico García Lorca: 

"Cientos de Pájaros te Impiden Andar" an adaptation of Blood Wedding by Ábrego Producciones of Spain Produced by Teatro Dallas -NP-


"Romancero Gitano" 

the poetry of Lorca, a multimedia presentation of video, stage reading, and dance with DGDG William Scobie (voilinist), and Kueku Carrington

(West African Style Drummer) -WP-


Domingos Fantásticos: 

"La Mica" an adaptation from Carmen Lyra's Tales from My Tia Panchita


Adapted by Cora Cardona, Presented in Spanish -WP-



Days of the Dead:"A Night of Mystery, Horror, and Crime"

Three stories by Alfredo Cardona Peña in English (Here and the Hereafter, The Other Death, and The Garden of the Blooming Daggers)  -WP-


Adapted by Cora Cardona



The 15th International Festival

"First Woman on the Moon" - Elia Arce (DP)

"The Trace of the Purple Sadness" - Ximena Garnica & Shige Moriya with Roland Toledo (TP)

"La Angry Xicana?!" - Adelina Anthony (DP)


Special Programs:

"Voices for Peace and Justice in the History of the United States" 

Texts by Langston Hughes, Allen Ginsberg, Dolores Huerta, César Chavez, and more!

Compiled by John Fullinwider -WP-

"Cycle and Pizcas" by Favian Herrera and Margarito Rodríguez - WP & BPD



Lafcadio Hern's Japanese Ghost stories.j

The Breath of Death Japanese ghost stories from Ghostly Japan by Lafcadio Hearn

adapted to the stage by Cora Cardona -WP-

Leona Vicario by Tomás Urtusástegui -WP-

About the life and work of one of the most prominent figures of the Mexican War of Independence

14th International Festival


México: “Benito Antes de Juárez” by Edgar Chías directed by Esteban Castellanos -SP-

Belgium: “Communication a une Academie,” by Franz Kafka, directed by Robert Germay -SP-
Spain: “El Corazón de Antígona,” by Pati Domenech directed by Jorge López Vidal. -SP-

United States: “North East 2nd Avenue” written and  directed by Teo Castellanos. -SP-


Blue Beach, by Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda -NP-

Orinoco, by Emilio Carballido, featuring Phyllis Cicero and Marbella Barreto. 

¡Domingos Fantásticos! - La Máscara que Hablaba, by Alfredo Cardona Peña, adapted by Cora Cardona.



Don Juan Tenorio the Vampire, by José Zorrilla.

Adapted  by Cora Cardona. 

¡Domingos Fantásticos! - La Máscara que Hablaba, by Alfredo Cardona Peña, 

adapted by Cora Cardona.  -WP-


13th International Theater Festival

Soliloquio en Negro Tenaz, presented by Teatro Profesional de Lara, by José Gabriel Núñoz,

Directed and performed by Nelson Pérez from Venezuela.  -NP-


Mauricio Carrera in Noches de Cabaret, directed by Mauricio Carrera from Dallas.


La Mano, presented by Carro de Bacco by Germán Madrid, directed by Antonia Castillo from Barcelona.  -AP-


Cabaret Unkempt, written and performed by Jennylin Duany & Elizabeth Doud from Miami.

Carmen Lyra's La Mica.jpg


Under the Red Moon, one act place by Victor San Miguel, Cora Cardona & Emilio Carballido



The Pretentious Maidens, by Moliére,

Translation by Albert Bermel. -NP-


Pizcas  by Margarito Rodríguez at the Théâtre Universitaire Royal de Liège

The Tall Woman, by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

Adapted and translated by Cora Cardona.  -WP-

Bad Blood, by Griselda Gambaro,

Translation by Sara Cardona. NP


12th International Theater Festival

De Amor y de a Mordidas, by Lilian Tapia from California.


Mujer on the Border, by Marta Aura from Mexico


Future Imperfect, by Elio Ortiz from Venezuela.

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Dance of Death, adapted, and translated by Cora Cardona. -WP-

The Ritual of the Salamandra, by Hugo Argüelles

translation Sara Cardona. -NP-

Tina Modotti, by Victor Hugo Rascón Banda,

Adapted by Cora Cardona, translation  Sara Cardona. -WP-



Hotel Juárez, by Victor Hugo Rascón Banda,

translation Sara Cardona. -NP-

Rivers, Mountains and Seas Through the Eyes and Tongue of Neruda, by Victor San Miguel,

Adapted by Cora Cardona. -WP-

Volver, by Tomás Urtusástegui, -NP-


11th International Theater Festival

Nuestra Señora de las Nubes (Charo Francés & Arístides Vargas) Malayerba, Ecuador.

Birlibirloque, by Carla Barragán from USA.

Acting Workshop by Dr. Igor Zamora from Venezuela.

Acting Workshop by Arístides Vargas & Charo Francés from Ecuador.

Dance workshop for Actors by Carla Barragán from USA.



Tales of My Tía Panchita, by Carmen Lyra,

Adapted by Cora Cardona. WP

WomaNightFear (Onibaba), by Kaneto Shindo

Adapted by Cora Cardona. WP


10th International Theater Festival

Acting Workshop by Rafael Souza Magalhaes from Brazil.

Truth Naked, by Tom & Susana Evert Dance Theater from Mexico/USA.

Barrio Daze, by Adrian Villegas from USA.

With These Shoes I Wanted to Eat the World, by El Callejón Del Agua from Ecuador.



Topeng Tales of Trickery, by Kim Weatley. -DP-

Black Butterfly in Chloroform: The Life and Stories of Bernardo Couto Castillo, by Victor San Miguel & Cora Cardona. -WP-


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Burning Patience, by Antonio Skármeta

The Odyssey, adapted by Gregory A. Falla and Kurt Beattie

The Feast of All Souls, by Cora Cardona and Valerie Brogan,


8th International Festival

The Tempest, performed by Teatro Avatar from Brazil. -TP-

Los Hemanos Santa Cruz, from Peru. -DP-

La Tercera Raíz, from Mexico. -WP-

Jump Start Productions of San Antonio.



Between Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman, by Sabina Berman. -NP-El Circo de la Muerte, by Michael Garcia, Nova Dancing Company, Cora Cardona, Valerie Brogan, John Flores, Laurie Vega, Bryan Lankford and Bizarro.  -WP-

7th International Theater FestivalHeavy Nopal, by Cabaret Diva, Astrid Hadad, and Los Tarzanes.Viaje Inmóvil, by Leyla Salazar, directed by Abraham Oceransky of Mexico.Las Tentaciones de San Antonio, by Juan José Barreiro.Doña Rosita's Day of the Dead, presented by Ruby Nelda Perez of San Antonio, USA.


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Little Mexico, by Valerie Brogan. -WP-
The Devil's Sonata, by Alberto Miralles Grancha. -NP-

6th International Theater Festival
Filipino Folk Art Theater, from Dallas, USA.
Alicia Subterránea, by Lewis Carol, directed by Eduardo Ruíz Saviñón from Mexico.

Adventures of Connie Chancla, by María Elena Gaitán from the U.S.
Rincón Oscuro, by Etelvino Vázquez, performed by Teatro del Norte from Spain.


Latin-American Evening, an evening of one-act plays:
The Gay Little Immigrant That Could / Hispanically Correct, by Guillermo Reyes,directed by Christie Vela.  -TP-
I Die, Therefore I Am, by Jorge Diaz, directed by John Flores.
The Repetition, by Antonin Arrufat, directed by Cora Cardona. 

The Incredible and Sad Story of the Candid Erendira and her Soulless Grandmother,
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, adapted by Jorge Diaz.
*Awarded Best Director and Best Actress (Christie Vela and Susanna Guzman) of 1998
    by the Dallas Observer
. -TP-
Howling At The Moon, an evening of one-act plays. -WP-

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litlle mexico 1999.jpg

Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

The Holy Inquiry, by Alfredo Dias Gomes -NP- (for translation)A Rose by Any Other Name, by Emilio Carballido. -NP- (for translation)Lamia, by Christopher Nichols and Earl Bentley. -TP-


5th International Theater Festival


Los Conquistadores de la Frontera Norte, by Luis Thenon, a joint production betweeTheatre d'Atelier of Quebec, Canada and Teatro Ubu from Costa Rica.Vicho Vicencio y su Banda, Tropical music from Dallas, USA.Cotacachi: Traditional Music, from Quito, Ecuador.Doña Rosita's Jalapeño Kitchen, by Rodrigo Duarte-Clark, presented by Ruby Nelda Perezfrom San Antonio, USA.Can I Speak For You Brother?, by Phillip Walker, presented by The African American Drama Company from San Francisco, USA.Juan Volado: A Totonacan Legend, directed by Jean Marie Binoche from Paris, France,presented by Tablas y Diablas from Xalapa, Mexico.Sueños y Ceremonias, developed by Festival Artist-in-Residence, Dr. Ygor Zamora from Barquisimeto, Venezuela, and local students.Kweku Coddrington: African Drumming Ensemble, from Dallas, USA.



The Octopuse's Garden, by Aristides Vargas.  -NP-

Tales From the Mist, by Abraham Oceransky.  -NP-

Night of the Chupacabras, by Valerie Brogan. -WP-


4th International Theater Festival


Sueños y Ceremonias, by Omar Pacheco, performed by Grupo Teatro Libre from Buenos Aires, Argentina. -NP-El Aprendiz, by Francisco Valcarce, performed by Teatro La Machina of Cantabria Santander, Spain. -NP-El Amor de Don Perlimplín y Belisa en su Jardín, by García Lorca, performed by Juan Jose Barreiro and Co. from Mexico City, Mexico.Sakura: The Bandit Princess, by Kikue Tashiro, performed by La Luna Theater Company from Japan / New York City, USA.Allegra Spain, by Christopher Tracy, performed by Soul Rep from Dallas, USA.


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My Visits with M.G.M. (My Grandmother Marta), by Edith Villarreal Marzo. -TP-

Cupo Limitado, by Tomás Urtusástegui . -NP-

La Dama del Alba, by Alejandro Casona. -TP-


3rd International Theater Festival


El Cerco de Numancia, by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra by Tablas y Diablas from Xalapa, Mexico.

Nunca Más, by Zakes Mofokeng and Co. from Johannesberg, South Africa.

With Our Own Voices, by Carmen Tafolla, performed by Carmen Tafolla from Phoenix, USA.Kao, by Paulo Atto, performed by Compania Avatar from Bahia, Brazil.

Small World, by Giggles Unlimited of Dallas, USA.

El Espejo de Noche, by Antonio Zepeda, performed by Antonio Zepeda from Xalapa, Mexico.Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.


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Santos, by Victor Hugo Rascón Banda. -Commission -WP-


2nd International Theater Festival


Barriendo Sombras, by María Bonilla, performed by Teatro Ubu from Costa Rica.

El Rincón de los Amores Inútiles, by Aristides Vargas, performed by El Callejón del Agua from Ecuador.

L'Ultima Notte, by Renzo Filippetti, performed by Teatro Ridotto from Milan, Italy.

La Vida Loca, by Lalo Lopez Alcaraz, performed by The Chicano Secret Service from Los Angeles, USA.

You Are The Future, by David D'Angelo, performed by David D'Angelo from Dallas, USA.

The Initiation, by Victor San Miguel.

The Yearning of Don Juan Vampire, by Valerie Brogan.Mexico.


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The Tree, by Elena Garro. Directed by Eduardo Ruíz Saviñón. -NP-

The Fatherless, by Margarito Rodríguez, adapted by Carlos Morton. -WP-

Santos, by Victor Hugo Rascón Banda. -WP-

Doña Juana, by Cora Cardona. -WP-

1st International Theater Festival

Fear Of A Brown Planet, by Lalo Lopez Alcarez, performed by Chicano Secret Service of Los Angeles,USA.

A Day with Dostoyevski, A Night in the Ukraine, adapted by Vladmir Kochetkov y Yuri Vutianov,  performed by Vladmir Kochetkov and Yura Vutianov from Ukraine.

Mishima, by Abraham Oceransky, performed by Teatro T from Xalapa, Mexico.

Images, Sound and Movement / Ceremonial, by Igor Zamora, Venezuela, performed by Dallas actors.


Water, by Tomas Urtusástegui. -WP-

Topeng, by Tim Wheatley. 

Blank Portrait, by Juan Carlos Arce. -WP-

Enchantment of Don Juan Vampire, by Valerie Brogan. -WP-

The Ants, by Jorge Díaz, directed by Jeff Hurst.


Profane Games, by Carlos Olmos, directed by Eduardo Ruíz Saviñón. -WP-

Orinoco, by Emilio Carballido. -TP-

Judges of the Night, by Buero Vallejo, directed by Jeff Hurst. -NP-

Return of Don Juan Vampire, by Valerie Brogan. -WP-

La Malinche, adapted by Cora Cardona from texts by Carlos Fuentes. -WP-

The House of Bernarda Alba, directed by Abraham Oceransky. -DP-



Roosters, by Milcha Sánchez Scott, directed by Abraham Oceransky. -TP-

The Labyrinth, by Fernando Arrabal. -TP-

The Toothbrush, by Jorge Díaz. -WP-

Johnny Tenorio, by Carlos Morton. 


Don Juan Vampire, by Valerie Brogan. -WP-

Land of the Feathered Serpent, by Alice Wilson. 

Diary of Frida Kahlo, written and directed by Abraham Oceransky. -WP-

Ship in the Bottle, by Jorge Díaz. -NP-

Cuentas por Cobrar, by Alejandro Licona. -NP-

Cuento de Navidad, by Emilio Carballido. -NP-



Man of the Flesh, by Octavio Solis. -WP-

Working Texas, by Alice Wilson. 

The Invaders, by Egon Wolff. -NP-

The Diary of Frida Kahlo, written and directed by Abraham Oceransky, co-producedwith the Dallas Museum of Art during the exhibit "Images of Mexico". -WP-


The Gesticulator, by Rodolfo Usigli, co-produced with Theater Three.

The White Apron, by Sergio Vodanovic and "Bill" by Sabina Berman. -NP-

From the Land of the Feathered Serpent, by Alice Wilson.Toured elementary schools of the Dallas Independent School District.

Don Juan Tenorio, by Jose Zorilla. 

Shepherds of the City, by Emilio Carballido. -NP-


"The Days of the Dead" is introduced to the cultural life of Dallas, following the tradition of staging Don Juan Tenorio.

During this observance, Teatro Dallas produces:

Johnny Tenorio, by Carlos Morton. -WP-

From The Land of the Feathered Serpent

by Alice Wilson,  co-produced with ACAL de Mexico. -NP-

Maggie Magalita, by Wendy Kesselman, co-produced with ACAL de Mexico. -TP-

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